Not Since Yesterday (named after my favorite conversational exchange in the first act of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) is my little corner of the internet where I can review books, comics, movies, and whatever else I feel like shouting about. I have a lot of opinions and I don’t generally care who knows them!

I’m a Technical Services Librarian at a public library near Philadelphia, the city my parents are from and I’ve been trying to find a way back to since we moved as a family to the Houston area in 1995. I finally made it in 2016, adopted an enormous black cat, and have been settling into the Northern life.

My reading habits are less voracious than they once were, and more or less boil down to “whatever I feel like reading at the time.” However, my preferences do boil down to thus, genre-wise:

  • Fantasy, but not “high” fantasy (I like my fantasy low)
  • Scifi, but not “hard” scifi (I like my scifi soft)
  • Fairy tale retellings/stories based on myth or legend
  • A very slim margin of horror
  • The occasional mystery

And age-range wise, I’ve been tending towards middle grade and YA targeting the lower range of that audience lately, but since I’ve also been mostly consuming audiobooks I have been reading more adult books than I usually do (there’s just more of them available). I like books by and about girls better than those by and about boys as a general rule of thumb, and am always looking for my holy grail of books: middle-grade series with a two girl, one boy team-up (hmu if you know of any!). I never read any nonfiction and I will very rarely read a book that’s purely a romance.

When it comes to comics, on the other hand, I’ll read practically anything. I’m more of a Marvel girl than DC, but I prefer creator-owned and indie stuff to either of those. I read a handful of webcomics, a variety of monthly floppies, and a whole hell of a lot of manga. I’m addicted to Kickstarters for comics anthologies.

My reviews in general are going to be a lot of older, backlist titles. I’m not a reader who puts a lot of priority or pride in reading the latest and greatest, and I’m also a reader who has a very poor sense of the passage of time so even when I do get a book release day it takes me months (or years!) to get around to reading it. I don’t want to stress about this so I’m not gonna! I’ll just review whatever I happen to read.

My other hobbies include photography, knitting, sewing, embroidery, video games, writing, spending too much money on comic books, laying on the floor and wondering what I’m doing with my life, declaring a myriad array of inanimate objects to be “so cute,” realizing I should really vacuum more often if I’m going to lie on the floor so much, singing to my cat, making spreadsheets, and watching hours and hours of HGTV while simultaneously rejecting HGTV’s entire decorating philosophy.

I have my entire home library cataloged on LibraryThing if you want to take a look! No, I have not read all of those books.