It’s the projects and challenges page!

First, some personal reading projects. These are generally long-term and may not always include reviews.

Manga Reading Project

I have been, for a long time, buying way too much manga. I’ve got a lot of incomplete series, and some whole runs of things I’ve never actually read a single volume of. I want to streamline my manga purchases, since manga tends to go out of print fairly quickly, but before I do that I’m trying to actually finish a lot of the series I have.

To facilitate this, I’m reading all of the complete series/standalone volumes I have in alphabetical order (started doing this alphabetical by title, but now am doing it by author). Some of them are rereads, and some new reads. If I have a series that has been fully published, I’m completing it when I get to it. This is involving a lot of buying secondhand due to things already being out of print!

If I do reviews for this project, they will be full-series reviews instead of volume by volume (except in the case of single volumes). I have a collection for series I have yet to read on my LibraryThing here, which serves as my list.

(Note: for the remainder of 2016, I’m skipping around to single volume manga or those that are six volumes or less, and will go whole hog starting January.)

Weekly Comics Reading

I am, at any given time, subscribed to around 30 monthly comics. I am known to get woefully behind on them. I’m going to attempt to start reading all comics I get in a week by the end of the week (comics weeks run from Wednesday-Tuesday, FYI). This is usually anywhere from 2-6 comics a week, although I tend not to go to the comic store if I’ve got two or less comics coming out that week (in which case I’ll probably sub something else from my vast unread comics collection in).

I plan to do a weekly post with a wrap-up of the comics from that past week. I will also make weekly comics haul posts on my Instagram.

(Note: This project requires me to get caught up on a few things in the first place so I may not fully instigate it until January!)


And now some challenges I’m signed up for (or one, just for now)!

Wizard of Oz Read-Along

The Wizard of Oz books are a series I’ve been meaning to get around to reading for a long, long time. So why not take this opportunity? They’re all fairly short, so I think this is a good challenge to cut my blogging teeth on. Also it’s run by my favorite Louise, who I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from since she’s been review blogging for a while! I will be aiming to review each book, and will link them here!